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It's Begun! Pre-Christmas Deals!

In case you don't follow us already, we've kicked off our Christmas and Pre-Christmas deals to try and sneak ahead of the December rush in order to save you all from delays and waits caused by holidays, high demand and overloaded shipping companies!

 New deals go up twice daily on our Facebook Page so be sure to like and share to get daily deal feeds!

Here's a highlight of our deals currently underway. Each deal generally lasts for the day or for a week following the receipt of these newsletters so get on them quickly!

GSC Power Division 4G63 Zero Tick Lifters - $299 Delivered

The ZERO-TICK lifters utilize a stiffer spring inside to help keep the lifter at its operating height even when oil pressure is low. This is advantageous in periods where engine oil starvation occurs, or where oil pressure drops markedly. Furthermore, tick in the valvetrain can be noticed rather frequently on start-up and the lifters go a long way to totally eliminating this harsh noise.

Lifters must be bled down before installation. Sold as a set of 16 and suitable for the Evo 4-8 4G63 Engine!

Eagle 4cyl Rods - $599 Delivered

Next up in the Pre-Christmas specials line-up are the good old Eagle Rods from the USA. We've got the majority of 4cyl rods on special at $599 delivered incl GST and DHL air but with limited stock you very much have to snap them up quick. For example, when checking a standard Honda B18C replacement rod, Eagle had 64 sets in stock yesterday (Wednesday) and 48 today (Thursday!) so they are in hot demand!

You can couple the Eagle rods with a set of JE, Wiseco, Crower, Carillo, Mahle or Manley pistons or stroker crankshafts to really build a potent engine. With this type of combination, you can stroke your engine with the three primary components (Rods, Crank and Pistons) from $2600 delivered!

To check what is available for your application or to kick around ideas, simply reply to this email.

1000cc Injector Battle!

There's always a bug sway over the years when it comes to injectors and preferences. One year, YZX will be the brand of choice and then it'll seem everyone is running them. The next year ABC is it because they have some kind of new technology that double-jets or atomizes better than the rest. Fortunately, the best filter to the top over the same timeframes and stay there where as the pretenders eventually take a back-seat. This helps everyone as this natural filtration of options ensures the better options are rightly top of the pile.

Speaking of those at the top, we've got the three best US options (in our eyes) on sale for you. It's not limited to just 1000cc applications - feel free to ask about other options - but for comparison it's a good starting point when it comes to pricing!

ID 1000 from Injector Dynamics are one of the most preferred injectors at 1000cc and most are $659 delivered. 1000cc High Z's from Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) are also highly sort after - especially for Mitsubishi and Nissan owners and again, most are $659 delivered. 1000cc RC Engineering injectors (Peak & Hold or Saturated) are $599 delivered and due to their great support and pricing they are a very much preferred injector among N/A engine owners.

Between the three options there should be at least one very good injector available for your build. Remember the old US rule-of-thumb also, that if you want N horsepower, then you need at least N x 2 in cc flow from your injectors!

AMS Performance 4G63 Intake Manifold Deal

This is an always-popular deal and part as the intake manifold from AMS Performance is an industry leader. Order the AMS Performance Evo 4G63 7/8/9 FI-1 Intake manifold online with us and we'll throw in an AMS Performance Fuel Rail with the order in your choice of Red or Black! This would couple perfectly with the Fuel Injector specials above!

From AMS: The AMS EVO VIII/IX F1-I Intake Manifold was designed to outperform every 4G63 manifold available including their own VSR. We referenced many modern design examples and engineering studies to bring you the best intake manifold ever made for the EVO VIII/IX. After extensive testing we ended up with a manifold that makes more power than anything else available on the market! EVO's with an aftermarket turbo consistently see 40-60whp (50-70bhp at the crank) over the stock manifold!

As New Zealand Dealers for AMS Performance we've had these go one customer cars from stock builds to wild 2.3 and 2.4ltr stroker race engines, with only praise for the unit. At over 30% less than all Japanese options it's a no-brainer!

New: Tein Flex Z Coilovers

The brand new Flex Z from Tein is on special also and most kits are from $1355 delivered! Over 50% of the options from Tein is at this price! The pricing even includes DHL Air and GST!

The Flex Z is a brand-new, Japanese-made (read: Made! Not "assembled" in Japan, or "designed" in Japan but Made in Japan!) full-height and damper adjustable coilover kit with all the jazz associated with Tein's offerings: rust proofing, dust boots, EDFC compatibility, top plates for many models and much more!

The new Flex Z incorporates many of the technologies Tein have developed in to their other lines over 10's of years of product development and testing. Because the R&D knowledge has already been garnished from older lines, the production and development costs for the new Flex Z are as low as possible, which means you get a lot more for less from a Japanese-made coilover!

There's hundreds of options available from Tein and if they're not $1355 delivered then they are often just a shade more for this great kit. Email us back to find out if there's an application for your chassis!

 New deals go up twice daily on our Facebook Page so be sure to like and share to get daily deal feeds!