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Team Evo - Deals!

This weeks super special is for Team Evo - specifically those with the CT9A Evo 7/8/9 chassis and CZ4A Evo X Owners! If you purchase an intercooler kit (core and piping) through us from ETS, we'll add in an air intake kit from ETS for free! That's right - these are the 800hp capable intercooler kits from ETS, bundled with a free intake kit!

If it's not the intercooler you're after but an exhaust manifold instead, then you can add an ETS intake kit for $100 with any ETS exhaust manifold purchased! It doesn't matter if it's V-Band or stock replacement, big-tube or small-tube, forward facing or otherwise - the deal applies to all manifolds!

For pricing on Intercooler and Exhaust Manifold options from ETS, drop us a line! Or, jump over to the Extreme Turbo Systems web site for more information and configuration options!

J's Racing Hyper 6IX Options

Upon speaking with Hisaaki at J's Racing this week, he has stated that more options for the Hyper 6IX (Six) brake calipers should be available by the end of the year. Currently only the S2000 kit has been released while other options undergo track testing.

The Hyper 6IX kit is a 6-Pot caliper upgrade that bolts on to stock locations, using the supplied brackets. The 6-Pot caliper is a step up from traditional 4-Pot options like Spoon and Brembo and they've been developed for endurance track work. Like most other caliper kit upgrades, they take a Honda S2000 pad which therefore does not limit you to special pad shapes or types. They do, however, require 17in wheels or larger unlike Spoon, whose option can be utilised on 16in wheels as well!

By the end of the year, there should be applications for the Honda Integra DC5 and Civic EP3, Honda Civic FD2 and FN2 and the Honda Accord CL7. It appears that the older chassis's like the DC2, EK and EG Civic will miss out! The indicative price per pair of calipers, mounting brackets and hardware is $1899 currently. We can take pre-orders, however with no release date it could be quite a wait still!

New R32 Tein Flex Z Coilovers

It may seem strange that Tein did not release their new series of Flex Z coilovers for the R32 Nissan Skyline GTR - especially since they were released for far more obscure applications! But, it only took them 6 months but Tein have come right and finally released their R32 kit!

For those that don't know, Tein re-shuffled their line-up at the start of the year (coincidentally, Cusco did also - but that's a story for another day!) to remove some of the kits that seemed to be the same as one-another, and introduced some entry-level kits that offer exceptional bang for your buck. By this, we means that for $1399 inclusive of GST and air freight, you can get your hands on height and damper adjustable, rust-proofed, upper-mount-equipped, Japan-made Tein coilovers! You normally have to lean towards Taiwan for such features at this price!

Normally in this price range, there's no top plates, or there's some corners being cut - such as a lack of rust-proofing (a biggie for Kiwi's!) or bare-naked steel perches / lower mounts. Or, the shock quality is low and inconsistent and there's no support! Fortunately in the Flex Z line, there are no such corners being cut!

There are also Flex Z applications for many other cars, so if you are looking for a great-priced Japanese-made kit for street and the odd track day, then ask if there's an application to suit! Furthermore, there's a new Street Advance kit which is even cheaper so if you only intend to lower the car a tad and take advantage of a comfortable but firmer spring rate, then they could be the ticket!

Tomei Turbo Deals

With the Japanese YEN now much preferred over the US Dollar because of favourable exchange rates to Japan, the Turbos from Tomei are now great value for money compared to the US options!

There's kits for the SR20DET, RB26DET (Twin), EJ Twin Scroll, EJ Single Scroll, 1JZGTE, Hyundai Genesis and 4G63 at pricing lower than that of similar bolt on kits from the US! From $1899 delivered the kits come with support pieces to bolt straight in to stock locations - like oil line extensions, gaskets, lines and flanges.

Better still, the Turbos puff up to 400hp (single) or over 500hp (twin) and because of the previously mentioned stock location, they provide you with ease of installation - saving money here also!

Similar ATP bolt-on turbo's are no less these days and while there are options to go well north of 600hp the price goes up also - hence why Tomei is still such a good deal!

So, snap up a stock location turbo from Tomei to add a little bit of heat to your build without having to break the bank and go all out with wild manifolds and front mount kits! they'll provide you with enough headroom should you get a bit nutty down the road!