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Radiator Hose Upgrades!

The cold months of winter and the very low morning temperatures from Wellington downwards (and on occasion in the Wairarapa) have highlighted the importance of a good cooling system with the right levels of antifreeze. A few people have been caught out having replaced their coolant fluid without antifreeze (a simple mistake to make and an expense some like to avoid) resulting in blocked systems.

Furthermore, water expands when it freezes which can weaken the radiator hoses. Although no one has had theirs burst, the cold temperatures have promoted an upgrade to Silicon hoses (who are effective even down to -60c) that not only provide additional strength when coolant does expand but whose triple-layer design helps to prevent expansion and brittleness at very low temperatures. In other words - they are not only suited to track work, but they will be suffice for the New Zealand winter also!

There are a few primary silicon hose options that many choose from - Billion from Japan, Mishimoto from the USA and Samco from the UK. All have radiator hose sets to help in extreme heat and cold conditions, from $100 delivered. Further to this, Samco do a large range of ancillary hoses (as does Mishimoto but not in as large a range) which also help against overheating. There's bound to be an option for your car so fire us back an email.

Don't forget that there's also some niche options like Perrin (Pictured) and Zerosports who produce their own items also. Regardless, we'll help you to find the right one for your car!

ATP Pipes And Pieces

ATP Turbo are very well known for their turbo kits assembled in conjunction with Garrett to make installing an upgraded turbo that much easier. But they also do many exhaust support pieces like front-pipes, outlet pipes, cat-killers and more that slot in to your build, removing the guess-work and limitations when it comes to custom-making your own items.

There's a heap of unique and cool options from ATP including race pipes in full 3" diameter, divorced down pipes that can be converted to vented down pipes and many other neat race-orientated solutions for track or strip.

For something simple like a true 3" cat pipe, the pricing starts at $299 delivered via air. 2" or greater front pipes are a little more - from $375 delivered each.

The very nifty convertible down pipes (where you can run them as a standard down pipe, or a wastegated vented pipe - pictured - they're the same piece yet with different base configurations!) start at $755 delivered.

Hopefully there's something to resolve the restrictive system that comes from the factory, which liberates a little more power for not a lot of money!

World Time Attack Competition!

Don't forget to keep an eye on our Facebook Competition which will close in September. Plenty of time to 'like' it - right? You don't need to attend WTAC but it'll help more if you plan to!

Don't Forget - New Tein!

If you hadn't noticed over the last few years, there's been a bit of shuffling going on at the larger coilovers brands in Japan. JIC and Cusco has re-jigged their line-up and from the start of the year, Tein have done so also.

With nearly 30 different coilover, spring of custom kit options between these three brands only, you can probably see why this is necessary. It very much is like being a kid in a candy shop! So, from Febuary Tein has had available their new Flex-Z and Flex-A lines.

The new lines incorporate more efficient design and manufacturing processes as well as twin-tube damper and height-adjustable features that you'd expect from Tein. Specifically for the Flex-A is a new Hydraulic bump stop system which Tein ensures offers a smoother ride quality. Internal relief-valve-based bump stop systems open to work when the shock is at or near full stroke range, resulting in the ability to limit the knock / damage / affects of bump-stop contact. With regards to the Flex-Z, the kit comes in at a new pricing level which represents a great step forward for Japanese made kits (made in Yokohama, Japan). However, both kits come with a caveat in that with such high demand, Tein has struggled with over 4 months of back orders and low stock! So be prepared to wait!

The Flex-Z starts at $1255 via air and the Flex-A starts at $1799 via air. Flex-Z on left, Flex-A on right - click on the image for more info for each kit: