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Lightweight, Carbon Pieces from Seibon

It's no secret that we are big fans of Titanium and Carbon pieces here - so long as they're not at a price that feels like extortion! In short, Carbon and / or Titanium engineering represents what many consider to be the pinnacle of motorsport orientated parts. They are inherently light and strong - so long as they are constructed with professionalism and plenty of R&D!

When you utilise Carbon or Titanium, you are gaining many benefits. Of course, these materials are not for the average build due to price and nor is there a great benefit in cosmetic usage of such materials! However, when used in the right way they can shed weight at the same time as increasing performance. Obviously the lighter the overall chassis, the quicker the car is!

Carbon fiber parts generally fall in to two distinct categories these days. Cheap vs Expensive. With cheap parts you get most of the weight savings but terrible quality, finish and longevity. The weave is terrible which compromises strength. The resin is very cheap and unevenly laid which again compromises strength and finish. They are often not UV coated and even if they are, the poor-quality coating still results in an opaque fade after a year or so. Fitment is very much questionable where as quality options have a much better fitment. Furthermore, the final thickness is often very low on cheap options, resulting in that see-through surface and low-strength / warp you dread. The moral of the story is - if you can get quality, stick with it. It pays itself off quickly when you need not re-surface, paint or replace due to deterioration!

Seibon has come a long way since its inception as a USA Carbon product manufacturer. These days, they are regarded as one of the best in the USA. Specifically, Seibon offers:

★ Weave Quality ★ It's near impossible to get this perfect unless you have deep pockets and lots of time for perfection. Fortunately and unlike cheap options, Seibon's finish is top notch.

★ Surface ★ You can certainly save money with no-name options but in a year or so you get that glue-like surface as a result of UV exposure and poor resins / coating quality. With any top quality carbon producer, you'll bypass this issue entirely.

★ Weight ★ This isn't a Dry vs Wet carbon weight debate. With quality weave and quality resin comes weight reduction. As soon as you go low quality, the weight goes up which defies the point of running with Carbon!

★ Longevity ★ As we highlighted above, low quality *anything* has a far shorter shelf life with more issues than top quality alternatives. With carbon, the edges and surface finish suffer most over time. With quality items, this is mitigated.

★ Price ★ They're about half the price of Japanese options! Seibon is a tad more than no-name, low quality options!

★ Applications ★ Compared with readily available Japanese options, Seibon has a great range!

There's many pages worth of Carbon goodies from Seibon so take a peek and let us know if anything looks good for your build! There's hoods, rear gates, air dams, accessories and more!

Pictured below is the CS Series hood for Evo - the CS line is heavily vented and therefore light and best suited for heat-extraction / race use!