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New Tomei 1JZGTE Manifold

First up is the new manifold for the 1JZGTE Toyota engine from Tomei. Well - it's not strictly new. The original Tomei Manifold was a stainless steel option that suffered from the same fate that many inline 6cyl manifolds suffer from - high weld stress under high temperatures at the collector.

Therefore, Tomei revised their formula and have come up with their own cast manifold this time round. Where it adds in rigidity and features the same greater flow rates and larger diameter piping, it also adds to chassis mass - it's 2kg up on the original Toyota manifolds weight!

But it's not all bad - being of cast design it takes care of the heat / stress issues in one swoop. For the 2kg in weight, you do gain a great deal in performance to overcome that and when it comes to running 400hp+ from the 1JZ, we think that's a good thing!

The new cast manifold retails for $1199 delivered. Optionally, you can couple that with the 1JZGTE outlet pipe from Tomei which claws back a 0.7kg weight loss advantage. That retails for $420 delivered and is a true 3in outlet!

Finally, if you're pushing for 440hp, you can team up the stock location Tomei manifold with their ARMS 1JZGTE M8280 Turbocharger. The Turbo is a stock location item also requiring minimal fabrication and installation. With the manifold and turbo together, the delivered price is $3299 delivered - a steal!

Dixcel Rotor Upgrades

There's literally 10's of chassis and brake rotor combinations that either Europe or the USA did not get or have variations on, making it a rather tricky process to find the right sized brake rotor for your Japanese application.

Most of the pre-1990's Japanese cars seldom have US or EU brake rotor options to suit. Some Nissan Z cars, Honda Integra and Civics plus the more modern STI and Legacy's sometimes have different rotors in Japan than elsewhere. This makes it rather tricky to find the right size to suit and it's why we do lean towards Japanese brands for Japanese cars. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

To remove guess-work we stick with Dixcel. While they do not get quite as 'vented' or 'wild' as the likes of DBA (who do have a good range also) they are assured to fit Japanese cars - which is key for most people here.

Furthermore, you'd be very surprised as to how many other brands use Dixcel rotors as their own. If you've seen a brand selling FCR rotors, then they're almost certainly from Dixcel.

Dixcel has a pretty good turn-around for rotors not on the shelves also - usually 4-6 weeks then they can ship. Regardless, stock is often very high except for very rare rotor options - like AP or Brembo replacement rotors for GT-R!

In order to get more people equipped with upgraded rotors, this month we'll throw in a free set of EC or ES Pads with any front and rear rotor set ordered. If your rotor set is well above the entry level ES pad limits, then we'll throw in a free set of M pads for the front as an alternative.

Take a peek at the Dixcel English site if you're unfamiliar with it, or Google Dixcel and Racing to see who runs their rotors - from privateer to top flight!

Dixcel Japan - Brake Products

New - JUN SR20DET S14/5 Camshaft Lineup

JUN Auto have released a new series of SR20DET S14/15 camshafts and re-hashed their older line up so that choosing your cam is a little easier. The cams now come in the following specifications:

★ Drop In Camshaft Spec ★
- 256 or 264 spec in 10.5 and 11.0mm lift
- Needs valve-springs only if 11mm lift chosen

★ Regular Camshaft Spec ★
- 264 or 272 spec in 11.5 or 12.0mm lift
- Must use valve-springs up to 12mm

★ Advanced Camshaft Spec ★
- 280 spec in 12.5mm lift
- Must use dedicated JUN valve-springs

With the newer options there is however a newer price - at $685 / pair for this newsletter special. They are slightly more than the market-leading Tomei cams but may just suit those who are a fan of the JUN tech, ramp angles, materials and numbers!

Get ATP - Get 10% Cash Back!

As you have no doubt seen (to the point of boredom!) we're now retailing ATP Turbos direct from ATP in the USA. For a long time ATP have been known for their strong, bolt-on Turbo applications from mild to wild.

To further there entrenchment into Kiwi-Land, we'll give 10% back on any ATP purchase - in cash - for you to put towards anything you deem necessary. That may be more ATP goodies. It might be installation or dyno costs - it doesn't matter! Nothing special need be done to qualify - just jump on an ATP Turbo order and we'll detail the offer!

World Time Attack Competition!

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