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Enkei GTC01RR

The new Racing Revolution GTC01RR wheel from Enkei features a stiffer wall than the famous RPF1 yet greater strength, for a similar weight. When you consider that the RPF1 is in the top percent of wheels when it comes to lightness already, then it's a fair achievement to have a stronger and stiffer racing wheel in the same category!

Why does weight matter with wheels? The lighter the car, the quicker it is. But what about this unsprung weight stuff? Unsprung weight includes wheels, tyres and suspension, and part of the arm, brake and drivetrain - all this weight is unsupported by the suspension system and the heavier it is, the less control you have.

A lighter wheel which readily moves in response to road bumps will have more grip and more constant grip when tracking over an imperfect road. For this reason, lighter wheels are sought especially for high-performance applications due to greater grip and quicker response.

Here's the shocker though - some aftermarket wheels are heavier than stock wheels! When we step up in diameter and width, we often add weight to unsprung mass of the chassis and, hand-in-hand with this, the additional tyre size adds even more! For the reasons above, the lightest wheel should be sought for racing (and even for road use). However, the lighter the wheel, the greater the tech, the greater the quality of material and the higher the price!

The moral of the story is that adding mass to the unsprung area of the chassis goes against adding performance to your car and the focus should be on reducing all areas of unsprung mass as much as possible. Naturally, not everyone chases performance so we cannot account for personal preferences but one of the most important questions you can ask of a wheel (aside from "Is it genuine?") is "How much does it weigh?".

For the new GCT01RR wheel, pricing is from $2699 + Shipping in 18in only!

These are available from August 2015.

HKS Deal!

We haven't had a deal for a while so how about we get a little wild - order any HKS Coilover kit on our web site, and we'll throw in a HKS EVC-S Boost Controller for free.

Naturally, this offer suits those who are running a bit of forced induction but if you're not, you can certainly scratch together the deal with a friend who needs one!

Search for your kit here and we'll add the controller post-order. If we do not have the kit you want listed, be sure to check the HKS Site - it may be new and / or discontinued! Offer ends 25th May!

New Brian Crower Goodies - For The Limited Few!

If you happen to be in the market for a 3.5ltr Stroker kit for your NSX (cough) then it's nice to know that aside from the $16,000 Toda Racing option, you now have an option from Brian Crower.

From $10,500 it's a steal compared to Toda and there's a few different set up options depending on how you like to dabble with your 'supercar'.

We should all be so lucky!

More details for those who have figured out how to cultivate those rarest of money trees can be found here.