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Need Lowering?

If you hadn't noticed over the last few years, there's been a bit of shuffling going on at the larger coilovers brands in Japan. JIC and Cusco has re-jigged their line-up and from the start of the year, Tein have done so also.

With nearly 30 different coilover, spring of custom kit options between these three brands only, you can probably see why this is necessary. It very much is like being a kid in a candy shop! So, from Febuary Tein has had available their new Flex-Z and Flex-A lines.

The new lines incorporate more efficient design and manufacturing processes as well as twin-tube damper and height-adjustable features that you'd expect from Tein. Specifically for the Flex-A is a new Hydraulic bump stop system which Tein ensures offers a smoother ride quality. Internal relief-valve-based bump stop systems open to work when the shock is at or near full stroke range, resulting in the ability to limit the knock / damage / affects of bump-stop contact. With regards to the Flex-Z, the kit comes in at a new pricing level which represents a great step forward for Japanese made kits (made in Yokohama, Japan). However, both kits come with a caveat in that with such high demand, Tein has struggled with over 4 months of back orders and low stock! So be prepared to wait!

The Flex-Z starts at $1255 via air and the Flex-A starts at $1799 via air. Flex-Z on left, Flex-A on right - click on the image for more info for each kit:


Don't Forget - ATP Turbo!

Just a reminder now that we're 2 weeks in to our orders with ATP Turbo and the first kits have already arrived. So, next round is upon us now so get in to save on shipping costs!

ATP Turbo take the famous Garrett Turbochargers which - on their own - are very potent products, and marries them to bolt on kits (flanges, piping, housings, oil lines, water lines and fitment kits) in order to make selecting and installing the right turbo for your build simpler.

As is often the case when it comes to turbocharging, when you begin to look up the line in terms of power, size and performance, the stock fitment components or stock location setup falls short. After a bit of expensive fabrication and trial-and-error, it's possible to fit nearly any turbo. However, ATP has already done this for you and have many years or track and real-life street use to back up their kits. They remove the mystery and expense of going with custom fabricated components to fit which reduces time and cost compared to alternative install options.

To sort out a sharp price for the item you want - be it a manifold, downpipe, turbo kit, turbo or other - Visit ATP Turbo now and reply to this email with your demands!