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New Parts From Toda - 4AG

Toda Racing are at it again and their new parts are for the legendary Toyota 4AG engine in 16-valve guise from the original AE86/92. Their new camshaft options are very high lift and duration and as such Toda have released a new Spec-B valvetrain kit which includes springs and shims to suit the new cams.

The new cam specs are 298/10.5 IN or 308/11 IN and they require the Spec B Shim and valve spring set mentioned above. There's a 2 month wait on the new kits so bear this in mind if and when planning your build this winter!

Facebook Offerings!

We've had a heap of offerings up on our Facebook page including this cracker:

With any Tein coilover ordered on our site, you'll get a V2 Cusco Front Lower Arm Bar (where there is a suitable application) for free. It pays to check with us if there is such a bar for your car if keen and / or confirm Tein coilover options!

Shall we sweeten it for Honda Owners? Sure - if you don't want Cusco, you can add a ASR Rear Brace Only Kit for free! (Trust us, if another brand did a great product like ASR for other makes and models, we'd offer it for you guys also!)

Why not tidy up front end rigidity when you lower the car?

Tein Street Basis Coilover Kit Deal!

We've still got the great-priced entry level coilover from Tein going!

Tein have really stepped forward in to the entry-level coilover game with their Street Basis kits which offer height adjustability and firmer spring rates over stock - permitting owners to drop the ride height and firm up the handling for street use. This, therefore, is more of a cosmetic and slight handling upgrade rather than an all-out street sports kit so bear that in mind if you are looking further down the road at track work. But for the majority of us that do not see track work, the Tein brand and the pricing cannot be overlooked for such an application!

The Street Basis offers ride height adjustment (and therefore requires certification) and a fixed - comfortable - damper setting with the previously mentioned firmer spring rates. This Furthermore, a twin-tube design and thorough rust-proofing give the kits longevity and quality performance for hassle free use.

So, if you are looking at a good brand, solid performance, great support, great price, Japanese and an entry-level street type coilovers then these are for you! There are some kits that start at $999 delivered though they are not typically for the traditional performance car, however, we will quote for each kit as needed. The performance car kits are mostly around $1299 delivered via air (DHL) which is a solid deal indeed!

To view all Tein options (in English) click this link and search for your chassis code. If in doubt, fire us an email and let us know what chassis you have so we can search for you!

We do recommend air for the kits - as ocean is 12 weeks longer (typically) and only $100 less - but if you're happy to wait, it's no issue with us!

Koni Sale - Final Days!

Finally in this newsletter is the reminder that the Koni Sale is nearing the end! Koni takes 25% off in their special sale and we pass that straight on to you! That means you can get a very well valved and linear performing shock / kit for a heap less than you'd normally pay!

You an search for relevant kits on the Koni site below, and reply to this email about a firm quote:

Koni NA Search Site

Drive safe and send us your shopping list for a bulk order discount also!