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Oversized Shipping Explained

Oversized shipping is easy to understand. Items that are too big or too heavy for courier or post (i.e. DHL / Fedex / NZ Post / EMS) have no option but to ship on the ocean with containers. From the USA with our service, this is very cheap and leaves fortnightly. From Japan, if you attempt to bring in something oversized, everyone - you, us, your neighbour, the Primeminister - faces the same high Japan-based export and Customs costs. From Japan with our 6-monthly container, we share these costs to keep the price well down.

In Short:

1. Are You Ordering From Overseas?

For normal sized items, this is not hard with the Internet. You can buy online anywhere.

When an item reaches New Zealand, you are - by law - required to pay GST and Customs Clearance on the combined part + shipping cost. Customs notifies you, and you handle this yourself.

We are always cheaper than self-importing, so ask us first. Our prices include all costs and cover all services you'd pay for if you self-imported. Prices are delivered to your door!

2. Oversized From Japan

If you order anything - big or small - everyone pays high export fees and port fees - around $1000 currently - just to get on and off the boat.

We hire our own container and fill it over 6 months and share this high export cost over many orders. This way, 50 people may share this cost, rendering it insignificant. The trade off is, we need to collect many orders together first hence the 6-monthly timing.

We are the only company using our own containers!

Note: Our quoted and online prices include all costs, delivered to your door.

3. Oversized From USA

The USA is very simple for oversized shipments. Containers leave 2-weekly and you pay for space only. There are no high export fees, hence why it is cheap and frequent.

Note: Our quoted and online prices include all costs, delivered to your door.

Oversized Shipping Example

Here is an example of the total cost to ship a Y80,000 (at NZ$1 = Y80) bumper from Japan. In this example, we compare you buying overseas online, versus our price.

Example - Self Importing Example - Fortyone Automotive Pricing
Bumper $1038 * Bumper $1000
Credit Card Payment Fee $40 ^ Credit Card Payment Fee  
Export Fee $600 Export Fee $120
Shipping $250 Shipping $250
NZ Port Costs $120 NZ Port Costs $50
GST $188 GST $188
Total $2158 Total $1648
  Savings $588
* Overseas companies charge a lesser exchange rate i.e. Y77 via Paypal vs Y80 via our bank
^ Overseas companies charge fees to take payment (normally via Paypal)

Note: This is an example only, albeit accurate at the time of writing. Our online prices include all costs, delivered to your door. The example is a break down as to what is covered by our pricing.

Why do containers save money?

There are shipping providers from Japan such as EMS, SAL, Japan Post, Fedex, DHL and TNT for 'regular' sized boxes. If a Box is over 1.5 meters in any one length (even if it weighs 1kg), it's oversized. If it's over 30kg, it's oversized. Air freight rates for such items are $700 upwards plus fees, so people turn to the only alternative option - containers. However, from Japan there are high export fees (over $600 just to get on the boat, then the cost for the space and shipping, plus local taxes, fees and costs, plus port costs and inspection fees at either port) for each shipment.

We also have to pay the high one-off fees - no one is exempt. But as we collect orders over 6 months, this fee is shared amongst many orders, resulting in an insignificant amount per-order for you. This is why you get cheap shipping. The trade-off is waiting!

Containers form the USA have no export fees associated with them - just the shipping cost, Customs GST and clearance fees. That's it! This is why the US option leaves far more frequently.

Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Shipping Process

The process is simple in the USA. We have all oversized items sent to our depot in Compton, LA. From there they ship to New Zealand roughly every fortnight where we clear the goods and redirect to you. Transit is between 3-6 weeks once departed.

The process in Japan is as simple but orders are collated over 6 months (typically). Our depot is in Mei Prefecture. We then ship to New Zealand in our own container, clear the goods and redirect to you. Transit is 4-12 weeks at best once departed.


Please understand the following considerations:
  • All shipping dates and timeframes are estimates only, and not guaranteed.
  • Oversized items are often not in stock with brands. They take up to 6 months to produce before we receive them. If in doubt, order sooner rather than later!
  • Items whose production date supersedes the departure date of the container will ship on the next available container.
  • Although boats leave regularly, our shipper uses their preferred carriers. This can delay the original departure date.
  • Due to initial departure delays, transit routes, stop overs, Customs requirements and other unforeseen delays, all transit times are estimates only.
  • Always expect a delay. This is merely a safe way to think and plan for your build. Delays add weeks (if not months) so do not order with any timely expectation.
  • Our Terms and Conditions apply in full to all purchases.
  • Our FAQ also contains many other helpful pieces of information. We recommend you read this also.
If you have any questions, click on the Contact Us button, top of page. Happy to help!