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Delayed Items List & Lead Times

Delays due to items being made to order (lead time), made in a batch or being out of stock are very common when importing car parts. The following list contains common items or types of parts that are prone to initial manufacturing delays. We can't do anything to speed up production or schedules and we are at the whim of each brand we work with but we always do our best to apply pressure and expedite any orders.
  • Regardless of the table below, all items should be considered out of stock and made to order!
  • The table below has indicative timeframes. It can be shorter or longer and no timeframe is ever guaranteed.
  • As always, for more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions
  • You are always bound by our Terms and Conditions
  • Always contact us prior to ordering to confirm stock, ETA or lead times.


The majority of brands make to their own manufacturing schedules, and from 2010 (post recession) many of these brands hold little stock. It is more economical for a brand to build up orders and produce once in order to reduce overhead expenses. This fact leads to long wait times initially for some items (known as lead times). Upon ordering, there is no guarantee that an item is in stock. Furthermore, brands often produce sequentially - if your order is 100 on a list of 105 items needed to be made, you often have to wait until your number is up before it ships. It is often not the case that an item is difficult to produce - it is more often the case that brands build orders up (as explained above) and make in order which creates long lead-times!

Typical delays, before shipping:

Brand / Item Expected Lead Time Notes
Wheels - General 8-12 weeks, 3-6 months for niche / custom wheels Normally delays stem from no stock, rather than being custom order delays.
Body Kits - Fiberglass 2-5 months Notable exceptions: J's GT - 6 months+
Apexi Exhausts: 1 Month
Power FC: 4 or 8 Months
Other Electronics: 2-3 Months
Intake Kits (out of stock): 2 months
Other items: 1 Month
Generally always made to order, and produced no earlier than 1 month later.
Toda Racing 2 Weeks minimum wait on all items, 4 weeks typical. Generally always made to order.
Custom Engine Internals Pistons: 1-2 Months
Rebuild Kits: 2-6 weeks
Japanese Crank / Rods: 4-8 weeks
Assembled kits rely on many suppliers and therefore delays are common.
Titanium Items 2-3 Months if not in stock initially Made by botique manufacturers on behalf of the brands and therefore slow.
Carbon Fiber Parts 1-6 months minimum Specialist products with very few manufacturers. Demand is high and production is slow. Regardless of size.
Bride Seats / Rails 2-4 weeks for seats or rails Always Made To Order
Oversized Items 4-8 Weeks General lead time
Made To Order hard parts 2-12 weeks Pistons / Rods / Cams / Crank
Fabricated Components / Kits 2-4 weeks normally, 2-3 months for Kits Manifolds, Downpipes, Intercoolers, Turbo Kits